Live from Sirenos: International Women’s Day Special


Women’s safety is a global issue. Inspired by Indian theatre artist Mallika Taneja, whose solo performance Be Careful was presented at Sirenos theatre festival in Vilnius, we invited listeners to a public discussion. Are we truly living in an age of feminism? How has the art scene changed since the start of the #metoo movement? What’s left to be done?

On March 8, the International Women’s Day, we are sharing the conversation with NYLA listeners.

Panel speakers, later joined by the podcast listeners (from the left): Runa Chakraborty Paunksnis, an associate professor, teaching gender Studies at Kaunas University of Technology (KTU); Eglė Murauskaitė, a senior researcher at the University of Maryland, working with unconventional security threats; Yana Ross, a resident director at the Lithuanian National Theater. The conversation was moderated by NYLA co-host Ieva Balsiūnaitė.

The event was part of the series of discussions on topics related to theatre performances held at Sirenos festival. Other discussions (in Lithuanian) focused on ageism and Palestine.

Photographer: Severina Venckutė
Editor: Karolis Vyšniauskas
Original music by Kata Bitowt
This episode was made possible with the partnership of Sirenos theatre festival.


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