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About us

We are enthusiastic storytellers who seek, react, travel, experience and share. We produce professional multimedia documentary content and creative projects.

Story angle, empathy, narrative form, work ethics, originality and exclusivity are our vital traits. We seek to inspire, challenge the mindset and encourage taking action.

We work with personal projects and are available for assignments.

Berta Tilmantaitė


I’m an award-winning multimedia journalist. My stories from all around the world usually focus on human and nature relationship, social issues and culture.

Artūras Morozovas


I’m an award winning photojournalist. Most of my work covers news, I’m shooting exclusive photo stories and working on long term stories on social issues in conflict or post-conflict areas.

Karolis Pilypas

Videographer/Multimedia journalist


Web ninja


Multimedia journalist


Podcast host and producer

What we do

Documentary projects

From the war in Ukraine to the women correctional house in Lithuania, from the sea nomads in Malaysian waters to the fight for water in Palestine - we cover stories that we care about and we are looking for the most personal and convincing ways to do so.

Commissioned work

We work with clients who appreciate the style of our work and want to hire us for specific short or long-term assignments.

Documentary advertisement

If your company wants to promote itself in a different way – we can help with that. We will find a story and the best characters to represent values and goals of your company.


Nanook education program unites aspiring and enthusiastic professionals. We work with interns, provide support and invite them to gain experience until they are ready to become team members and work with different projects.

We love to share our experience and knowledge, so we offer internships and organise different kind of events for those who want to be a part of visual journalism community. We learned everyting the hard way and we are ready to make that road easier for others.


Our current interns:

We also organize workshops, lectures with guests, portfolio reviews, discussions and provide consultations. Stay tuned for new events!

We help photojournalists and photographers to produce multimedia stories. With our assistance your story can be transformed into more dynamic and engaging body of work and reach wider audience. After the multimedia story is ready – we can help to sell it to media outlets all over the world.



Feel free to contact us in any way comfortable for you.

Nanook is a part of NGO “Dokumedija” registered in Lithuania.

General inquiries: info@nanook.lt
Internship inquiries: internship@nanook.lt